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I’ll be completely honest with ya, the Landyachtz Lineup is massive. MASSIVE. 48 boards? Whew. I’m here to give you a little breakdown of the Landyachtz lineup. A little Spark Notes if you will. These won’t be lengthy, but rather a sneak peak into each board, giving you juuuuuuust enough to answer any questions if the teacher calls you out in front of the class. To find out more about each board, click the link to the boards, and it’ll direct you to each product page which will have a more in depth description. Want to look for specific riding styles? Simply use the keyboard shortcut command+f (or ctrl+f if you’re a PC user) and search downhill, freeride, freestyle, cruiser, etc… and it’ll help you narrow your search down even more. What could be easier than that? Teaching you the best way to direct yourself to the board you want most from the 2017 Landyachtz Lineup.

Landyachtz Bamboo Chief Fish

The 2017 Bamboo Chief Fish is a rippin’ little cruiser. This board has a top mount construction giving you maximum leverage and turn. With its short design, it also features a tight turning radius for a nimble ride. Overall, this board rips through any terrain, making it the perfect campus cruiser.


Landyachtz Maple Chief Floral

Like the Bamboo Chief Fish, the 2017 Maple Chief Floral is a sweet cruiser setup, made for campus cruising and carving. The board is stiffer than its bamboo counterpart, making this board much more responsive to your every move. The Maple Chief is cut in a timeless pintail shape, making it a board that anyone is sure to love.

Maple chief floral

Landyachtz Bamboo Pinner Vlam

The 2017 Bamboo Pinner is a top mount pintail cruiser. This board was made for big carves and smooth riding. In short, the board has no set schedule. It wants to spend the day at the beach, but if it sees something it wants, it can get where you need to go with ease. Hawaiian shaved ice calling your name? The Landyachtz Bamboo Pinner VLam will get you there before the ice melts.

Bamboo Pinner V-Lam

Landyachtz Bamboo Ripper Geo Feather

The 2017 Landyachtz Bamboo Ripper Geo Feather is a single kick cruiser setup. Built with a functional kicktail, the board is versatile for all styles of riding. Cruising through the city, the bamboo construction is very lightweight, removing the strain that comes with pushing. A lightweight ride that’ll get you there with ease.

Bamboo ripper geo feather

Landyachtz Maple Ripper Tropical Nights

The 2017 Landyachtz Maple Ripper Tropical Nights was designed to be one of the best cruiser boards you can get your hands on. The board features a maple construction, giving you a lot of energy return when pushing and pumping. Making this board fun to ride endlessly. Topped off with a functional tail, this board does a little bit of it all.

Maple ripper tropic nights

Landyachtz Hatchet Birds

Looking for a freestyle, freeride, and cruiser beast? The 2017 Landyachtz Hatchet Birds is the one for you. This board was built with versatility in mind. The mild flares, top mount construction, and fully symmetrical shape all equates to a board that does a little bit of it all. The Hatchet has a lightweight design, helping it accel in all of its flip tricks.

Hatchet birds

Landyachtz Maple Drop Hammer Blue Jay

The 2017 Maple Drop Hammer Blue Jay was made to be a freeride and downhill setup, that also excels as a cruiser. This board has an all maple construction making the board extremely durable no matter how fast you’re looking to go. And with a drop through construction, this board lowers your center of gravity for a stable ride. Overall, the Maple Drop Hammer gives you a durable ride, that will outlast the rest.


Landyachtz Maple Drop Hammer Cardinal

The 2017 Maple Drop Hammer Cardinal gives you the option of selecting any graphic you’d like. Being the identical twin to the Maple Drop Hammer Blue Jay, this board is a freeride, downhill, and cruiser setup. With an all maple construction, this board is extremely durable, and ready for anything that may come from the skate session.


Landyachtz Mummy Jungle Fern

The 2017 Landyachtz Mummy Jungle Fern is a cruiser setup, with a very unique construction. This board features an upturned nose, that increases the front truck’s turning angle. This equates to a ride that easily rips through the city with ease. Whipping and weaving through any and all obstacles in your path. The Mummy Jungle Fern is one rippin’ ride.

Mummy jungle fern

Landyachtz Battle Axe 35 Cougar

The 2017 Battle Axe 35 Cougar is a pintail cruiser setup. This board was cut in a pintail shape, with a drop through design, lowering the ride for a more stable ride. The drop through design also eases the strain that comes from pushing, making this board a premier cruiser setup. And with two sizes to choose from, you’ll get the perfect ride.


Landyachtz Battle Axe 40 Cougar

Looking for something a little longer than the Battle Axe 35? Boom, the 2017 Battle Axe 40. This board is a pintail cruiser setup designed for big long carves, and a comfortable ride. This board will easily cruise through the city, without putting any strain on your legs. Letting you ride for longer and harder, truly going the distance.


Landyachtz Drop Carve 37 Oceanspray

The 2017 Drop Carve 37 Oceanspray is a little skate everything setup. The board was designed for freeride, freestyle, cruising, and mild downhill. Perfect for the beginner rider, or someone who’s looking for a versatile ride. The board is fully symmetrical for ease in freeriding. With no assigned nose or tail, the board lets you ride any which way you please, for all of your freestyle needs. And if you’re wanting something a little bigger and more stable, the Drop Carve 40 Oceanspray offers all of the same fun, in a bigger package.


Landyachtz Drop Carve 40 Oceanspray

All of the same fun and style as the Landyachtz Drop Carve 37 Oceanspray, but in a bigger and more stable package. The 2017 Landyachtz Drop Carve 40 Oceanspray features a fully symmetrical design, making freeriding and freestyle a breeze. This board is equipped with functional nose and tails, for extra added fun. And it’s larger size equates to plenty of room on the standing foot platform for all of your dancing needs. Overall, the Drop Carve 40 Oceanspray is one versatile ride ready for it all.


Landyachtz Revival Series Ruby Lake and Pacific Yew

The 2017 Revival Series Ruby Lake and Pacific Yew are a story all their own. Reduce, reuse, recycle. The Revival Series harvested forgotten timber from the Sunshine Coast from British Columbia. Repurposing timber that was preserved in Ruby Lake, to give new life to forgotten wood. From a logging company, to skateboarders like you, the wood has been given a second chance as a skateboard for all to enjoy.

Revival series - Pacific yew Revial series Ruby Lake

Landyachtz Dinghy 24

The 2017 Landyachtz Dinghy 24 was designed for cruising, and for fun. This board is the smallest of the Dinghy Collection, giving it the tightest turning radius, for the most nimble ride. That means no matter what may be in your path, the Landyachtz Dinghy 24 will easily maneuver around any obstacle it comes up on. Making this a great campus cruiser, as well as a coffee shop ripper.

2015_Dodger_Template 2015_Dodger_Template

Landyachtz Dinghy 26

The 2017 Landyachtz Dinghy 26 derived from the original Landyachtz Dinghy. They took everything you loved, shrunk it 2 inches, and made it that much more fun. Because that’s what the dinghy is all about, cruising fun! The board was made to have a tight turning radius that rips through the city streets. The board was made to be the one thing you need for riding through the city. Finish it off with a functional kicktail and you have yourself one of the most fun boards around.

Dinghy Canon 26 Dinghy 26666

Landyachtz Dinghy

The 2017 Landyachtz Dinghy has been around for quite sometime now. It was made to be fun fun fun. And they nailed it with that one. We can’t think of a board that’s more fun than this ride. The board features a short wheelbase that makes it easy for ripping around the city. The kicktail was designed for both aesthetics and functionality. The board was made to be a campus cruiser, grocery runner, and everything inbetween. Overall, no matter where you’re looking to go, get there on the most fun ride around, the Landyachtz Dinghy.

Dinghy 90s called Dinghy birds deco Dinghy Flamingo Martini

Landyachtz Tugboat Dog Temple

The 2017 Landyachtz Tugboat Dog Temple is a combination of both new school and old school. This board was designed to bring back old school pool riding days. With an extra wide platform, and old school shape, this board combines both fun and function. Whether it’s just cruising around, or you’re a rad dad looking to relive his glory days, the Landyachtz Tugboat Dog Temple is ready for the ride.

Tugboat dog temple

Landyachtz Dodger 28

Flex and fun. The 2017 Landyachtz Dodger 28 is a flexy cruiser setup, designed for pumping and cruising. The board features a unique flex only achieved through Landyachtz specific construction. This means the board will be very lively and easy to rip around the city. With a fiberglass reinforcement, this board is sure to be as lively as it was day one, time and time again.


Landyachtz Dodger 32

Looking for a new fun and lively cruiser? The 2017 Landyachtz Dodger 32 was made with a unique construction, giving it a flex characteristic like none other. The board features a functional kicktail, letting you pop over any obstacle in your path. And when it comes to going the distance, the board easily pumps through the city streets, having you push less, and coast more. Overall, the Landyachtz Dodger 32 is perfect for cruising through the busy city streets.


Landyachtz Laguito, Perfecto, Presidente

The 2017 Landyachtz Laguito, Perfecto, and Presidente are the double kick cruiser series from Landyachtz Longboards. Designed for the park, street, and everything in between, these boards rip. Coming from the same mold, these boards have a very functional kicktail giving you tons of pop. With differentiating widths and shapes, these boards are sure to fill the needs of the skateboarder inside of your longboarding self.

presidente44 perfecto lagunito

Landyachtz Evo Skate and Explore

Downhill downhill downhill. The 2017 Landyachtz Evo Skate and Explore was made to be extremely stable with its drop down design, and wedged nose, and wedged tail. The wedged nose changes the turning angle of your front truck to make it more nimble, while the dewedge adds stability to your back truck. This makes the ride very stable, for hitting the fastest speeds all around the world.


Landyachtz 10 Two 4 Wolf

The 2017 Landyachtz 10 Two 4 Wolf is the shortened down version of the 9 Two 5. Making this board great for downhilling, freeriding, and long distance pushing. The lowered ride height not only adds stability, but also makes for an extremely stable setup. The Landyachtz 10 Two 4 is fully symmetrical for effortless freeriding. So no matter what you’re looking to skate, clock out early and get on the Landyachtz 10 Two 4.

10 two 4

Landyachtz 9 Two 5 Wolf

The 2017 Landyachtz 9 Two 5 is one of those boards that can withstand the test of time. It’s a downhill and freeriding machine. This board was made to handle any and all speeds with ease. The gas pedals on this board easily kicks out slides, putting you in full control. The speed stiff 9 ply canadian maple construction also proves to be one of the most stable rides out there.

9 to 5 Science

Landyachtz Switch 35 Owl

The 2017 Landyachtz Switch 35 Owl gives you everything you need for downhilling, freeriding, and long distance pushing. The board is fully symmetrical for switch riding. The lowered ride adds stability for all of your downhill needs. And to top it all off, the lowered standing foot platform makes pushing nearly effortless. No matter how far you’re going to ride, the Landyachtz Switch 35 will have you taken care of.


Landyachtz Switch 40 Owl

The 2017 Landyachtz Switch 40 Owl has an extremely low ride height thanks to its drop down design. This makes the board incredible for downhilling, freeriding, and long distance pushing. The fully symmetrical shape of this board makes freeriding switch a breeze. And the lowered standing foot platform adds extra stability for downhill racing.


Landyachtz Switchblade 36 Mountain Green

Being the shortest of the Switchblade series, the 2017 Landyachtz Switchblade 36 Mountain Green will still handle any downhill or freeride run with ease. The board is more nimble than its larger counterpart, without a loss of stability due to its double drop design. The lowered ride height makes this board great for long distance pushing. So no matter how far you’re looking to go, the Switchblade 36 Mountain Green will handle anything you throw at it.


Landyachtz Switchblade 38 Mountain Red

Not sure what to get for a longboard? The 2017 Switchblade 38 Mountain Red is one of those boards that anyone is sure to love. The Switchblade 38 Mountain Red will be able to handle any downhill or freeride session. But it doesn’t stop there. This board will be able to handle long distance push races as well. With the double drop design, this board is extremely low to the ground, making pushing easier than ever.


Landyachtz Switchblade 40 Mountain Blue

The 2017 Landyachtz Switchblade 40 Mountain Blue is one of the most stable downhill and freeride boards you can get your hands on. Being the longest of the Landyachtz Switchblade series, this board will easily handle the fastest of mountain runs. But with its double drop design, this board is perfect for riding as a long distance pusher.


Landyachtz Osteon Horse

The 2017 Landyachtz Osteon Horse is a premier downhill and freeride board, designed by all around skater Billy Bones. Billy will skate anything and everything he sees, and he needed a board that could do just that. Thus the Landyachtz Osteon Horse was born. Going fast, going sideways, and going anywhere in between, the Landyachtz Osteon Horse will do it all.


Landyachtz Tomahawk Lines

The 2017 Landyachtz Tomahawk Lines is a shred everything setup made for downhilling, freeriding, or cruising. The board has a fully symmetrical design, letting you freestyle with ease. Whether it be sliding or racing, the Tomahawk has a stable construction, letting you take the perfect race line, while kicking out the most stylish slide. If you’re looking for one setup that will skate anything in its path, the Landyachtz Tomahawk Lines is ready to get the job done.


Landyachtz Tomahawk Topographic

The 2017 Landyachtz Tomahawk Topographic was made to skate it all. Downhill, freeride, cruise, or dance, the Tomahawk does it all. And the special thing about the Topographic graphic is that it was built in Landyachtz’s hollowtech construction, making it lighter than ever. This gives you a ride that will outperform any board regardless of style or condition. The true do it all setup.

Stratus Standard Flex Stratus Standard Flex
Tomahawk topographic

Landyachtz Switchblade 40 Mountain Yellow

The 2017 Landyachtz Switchblade 40 Mountain Yellow is a downhill, freeride, and long distance push board, that outperforms the rest. The board features a double drop design, making it extremely low to the ground for maximum stability. The drops on this board lock you in for freeriding, while the symmetrical shape makes riding switch a breeze.


Landyachtz WolfShark Re-issue

Ohhh good ol’ Wolfgang Coleman. The 2017 Wolfshark is his promodel downhill and freeride setup. This board is fully symmetrical letting you slide with ease. The speed stiff construction keeps you stable while charging the fastest of mountain runs. The micro drops, W, and aggressive concave keeps you glued to your board.

Wolf shark re-issue

Landyachtz Ramathorn Roadmap

Oh boy! The 2017 Landyachtz Ramathorn Roadmap. This board was designed for downhill, freeride, freestyle, cruiser, and dancer. This board pretty much does it all because it was made to do it all. Short enough to be fun in garages, long enough to be stable for downhilling. Regardless of what you’re looking to do, the Ramathorn is one of those boards that really handles any and all situations.

ramathon - Copy

Landyachtz Stratus Standard Flex

The 2017 Landyachtz Stratus Standard Flex is a freestyle dancer with a lightweight construction that helps it stand out against the rest. With it’s large design, the board has ample standing foot platform, giving you the ability to dance the night away. Despite its large size, the Stratus keeps a lightweight design through its hollowtech construction. Overall, this board is great for all of your dance session needs.

Stratus Standard Flex Stratus Standard Flex

Landyachtz Stratus Super Flex

The 2017 Landyachtz Stratus Super Flex is a freestyle dancer, with a very unique construction. It’s built in Landyachtz’ hollowtech construction, lightening the board, giving you a big board, that is as light as a feather. A fully symmetrical shape, and a high tech construction, this is the premiere dancer setup that’ll stand out against the rest. The Super Flex will be flexier than the standard flex, giving you a ride that will be more lively and responsive for all of your dancing needs.

Stratus Super Flex Stratus Super Flex
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