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The Loaded Chubby Unicorn has long been a favorite among the die hard downhill riders of the world. Its composite/fiberglass/Bamboo construction was incredibly durable and lightweight, and its W-Concave allowed you to find a pocket, tuck, and find speed you never thought you had. And let’s not forget about those kicktails - perfect for popping tricks at the bottom of hills or helping to pass the time on the hike back up the hill. Yeah, it’s too bad what happened to the Chubby Unicorn. We sure did like it.

But when Loaded closes one door, it doesn’t do so without opening a window. And in the case of the death of the Chubby Unicorn, that window leads to total bloodbath. The Loaded Blood Slayer is slated to pick up where the Chubby Unicorn left off. The shape of the board remains the same with a few updates. Updates to the Blood Slayer board include updated urethane reinforced bolt holes and a completely new colorway, which includes urethane rails that have been dyed a deep blood red. Now, we’re going to say this is where all the dead Chubby Unicorns came in handy, but we’re not going to say they weren’t helpful either.

However, keeping in the tradition of Unicorns, the Loaded Blood Slayers will be hard to find - supplies will be limited. The Blood Slayer is set to drop August 30th. Stay tuned for more details on this reincarnation of the Chubby Unicorn.

Loaded Blood Slayer Deck (Chubby Unicorn v2) Loaded Blood Slayer Deck (Chubby Unicorn v2)
Loaded Blood Slayer Loaded Blood Slayer
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